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Sunrise to Sunset

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Rise and shine and safari.

We woke up very early and dressed in many layers for our sunrise safari. We had the same tour guide as the previous night and he was excited to help us find the missing big five animals ( lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and bull?). We were on the prowl for a lion. Madi and I switched seats so I was close to the open window. It was dark and the light creeped up without seeing anything. A few peeps from the lower class fell into a deep sleep and it was understandable because the sweet lull of the jeep wrapped in warm clothing and blankets that our guide handed out. I caught myself a few times startled awake. We stopped and saw a pack of leopards in the distance. A very far distance (I could see movements but Madi’s camera zoomed in really well). 

Every time we would pass another vehicle, our guide would lean out and ask if they had seen anything. There was one point when we saw tracks on the ground that we tried to follow. We heard a helicopter and our guide said it was rangers looking for poachers. So basically we were on the safari ride in animal kingdom. Impala, wildebeest, and giraffes were common to see but the lion (and more elephants by popular demand) were not in sight. Our guide said that we had driven most of the park by the end of the second drive. 

We found a lion! Bless. There was a few cars stopped ahead and we knew something was up. The park is open to regular cars as well. The other cars parked did not have a guide. The lion didn’t like the engine noise of the other regular people cars so our guide asked them to help. The lion was a young single teenage male and it was sitting and watching for a bit and then started to strut. It was unlike any other animal I have ever seen in the sense that I could feel it as it walked. I tried to snap a pic. I brought my camera on the trip but truth be told, Eli and Duran had their hefty camera and skills so I wasn’t to camera crazy. I just took it in. 

After finding the lion, we were happy and ready for breakfast. They had a buffet set up for us again but it was off to the side and set up just for us (Probs because most of the food was gone from the general buffet after our group hit. The boys eat so much. Boggles my mind.) 

On our walk back to our cabins from breakfast, we realized how big the property actually is. There was a giant beach pool and we found cute cats. We snuggled back into bed for the morning because we were beat. 

Before we took a quick nap, a few of us went and paid for the third safari. The first two safaris were paid for with the trip but the second evening safari was on our own. The trip is only $30 and I wad all about it. How often are you in Africa and can do a safari!? Madi Ama Eli Duran X Nik Mihael Austin and Ziqi joined in for the second extra safari. There used to be a walking safari tour that a few of the guys were interested in but the grass was too high and it was dangerous. 

The monkeys are real. On our way to lunch, we woke up to find monkeys everywhere. Like at least 20 around our camp. They would get pretty close to us but I was not about it. I dont like when people mess with animals. If you would mess with a bear and taunt it, don’t taunt a monkey. That is how I live my life. 

We gathered again for a buffet lunch that was not delicious. A few of us went to the very small convenience store by the dining hall to get a treat. A magnum bar in honor of Ariana. There was a metal playground in the center of the cabin area so some of the group worked out with the equipment or played soccer tennis. Madi Eli Ama and I talked about fun summer plans and Madi’s work in Mexico resorts. I climbed trees while the gang talked on a bench. 

We bundled up and and got on the jeep for our final safari. Since not everyone was on the safari, there was enough room that each person had a row to themselves. This was the most magical safari. It wasn’t crowded and honestly everyone I love and care about. We didn’t have the same smiley guide from the previous safaris but our guys was nice just quiet. He also brought the lady at the front desk with the pretty bright pink purple lipstick who helped us book the safari. At first, we drove around the park without seeing everything. Then we started going up the hill. On the way, we saw lots of zebras up close and personal. The winding path up the mountain lead us to a pretty viewing area of the whole park. We heard a lion roar down in the valley and got amazing pictures. It was very relaxing. We saw the sunset with giraffes as we went down the mountain and a rhino. We drove to a lake and saw a bunch of hippos. They did the classic yawn and Madi flipped. It became dark and we found a heard of elephants. Three babies and at least two adults. We didn’t mind them blocking the road as the baby held the tail of the mom. So cute.

We got dropped off at the dining hall and found the rest of the crew in the joined bar. We had a delightful meal and headed back to our room. The girls bought Savanah Drys for the night. We showered, did face masks, talked and had our cider. We discussed friendships and Ariana leaving. Tears were shed and there was a moment of conflict in the group but things were resolved before we went to bed. There are little mice in the roof that scurried about. We didn’t hear it too bad in our room but the other girls heard it in the loft. 

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