South Africa Starring Lombardi Peeps

Here are the main players on the Lombardi/Stamps 2017 South Africa Trip. A mix of the class of 2018 and 2019 in no particular order

Snaps to my chica. Photos by Eliana French

Madison (Madi). My Main Chica. 18Eliana (Eli). “Relationship Geru”. 18Megan. DG Blue Key Queen. 18Nik. The Liberal Puppy. 18Dr. Leedy. Our Fearless Wine-Loving Leader Mihael. Ex Best Friend. 18Ziqi. Insightful future doctor. 19Alex. Spicy Cuban Roll. “Young Schmidt” 19.

Schiley. Good Shepard. Bless this boy. 18. Feat MadiXavier. Chill Zoo Alpha Male. 19Bailey. Dry Sarcastic Cocoa Babe. 19Madison. “Madi 2”. 19Miranda. Quiet Ex ChemE. 19Trey. All American Track Star.19Amaleah (Ama). Hair Detangler. 18Austin. Political Michael Scott. 18Matt. Crazy Adventure Boy. 19Paul. Business Monkey Man. 18.

Giovana (Gio). Spontaneous soccer girl. 19

img_1771Becca (Me). Sunshine and Civil Gal. 18


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