The Great Trek

We left Pilanesburg in the morning and had a long bus ride back to Pretoria. We had a very brief stop at the hotel to drop off our bags before we hopped on the bus for a tour of Pretoria. After being in the town for a week it was time to get a proper tour.

We had a lady jump on the bus with us and start to tell us about the history of Pretoria. It was kind of hard to hear because of the bus. She was behind me on the bus so I did this awkward turn around kind of thing to look at her while she was talking. The mini bus was pretty cramped with every seat full. Throwback to all of those Mexico buses but this one wasn’t as hot. 

It was a long bus ride and we didn’t get off until the Trek Monument. Our guide was more than a little rasist and said multiple off hand race and gender comments. Ones that an old person would say but she wasn’t old. She was of Dutch heritage and had a very different accent than our teachers British twang. 

The Voortrekker monument was unlike anything I had ever seen. Ah the great trick. It was built in the 40s when the Afrikaners were in power. It is an ominous all granite cube building on top of a hill. The hill around it had grazing antelopes and other African animals. It looked Moroccan inspired to me but it was built with German, French and African influences. It had yellow glass windows but from the outside looked windowless. Very ominous.

The outside had a bunch of carvings of the trekkers donned in prairie gear. Covered wagons and a prairie family. But this was no Little House on the Prairie. The carvings hard hard and weathered faces without joy. The American west is looked on with rosecolored glasses but here it is 

Downtown Pretoria Tour


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