One Day More (in Pretoria)

We went to a political theory class today. Walking through campus Ama Madi and I sang Les Mis. The focus was South Africa and its spot internationally and relationship with the US. It was a good discussion just a bit long of just sitting. From 9-11:30. The professor was soft spoken but very knowledgeable and fair. Africa in a global context is so big and there is so much poverty and strife. It has the resources to be great and stable. I feel like the whole continent has been kicked and kicked and everyone is tired and out of hope.  There are other places in the world that have had a rough time too. There were a lot of graphs and maps showing countries in Africa’s ranking in poverty, happiness, freedom, trust in the government, terrrist attacks, and population. Most countries in Africa aren’t free. Democracy is a hard thing to achieve so we can’t loose it. There was political theory about how democracy works between Megan and the professor. Trey read his book for part of the discussion. Ziqi drew me and a few other people (I didn’t see but Madi did). No one slept. Xiaver wrote in his notes “white people are parasites”. In South Africa, they are expected to be the leader in Africa. Lift the entire continent up. They are like the tired oldest child. We talked a bit about politics in the media (shoutout to Austin) and Eli and Trey almost went up in arms because of a feminist misunderstanding. 

Post class Madi Ama Eli and X went to the mall, got out money, pick up headphones for X, and food. We went to TriBeCa and finally had the yummy looking milkshakes. Madi’s tasted like peanut butter goodness and mine was cookies and coffee. Pretty magic. Truly. Drinking Milkshakes with Madi at TriBeCa in Brooklyn Mall

To continue the amazingness, they were selling protea (South Africa National Flower) and I was so excited. I bought one to give to our cleaning lady and it made my day. They are so pretty and I love flowers. Eli was there so the flowers turned into the perfect photo op. Buying flowers reminded me of all of the other Lombardi flower times. In Mexico, I mentioned my love for flowers wrapped in paper and they got my fake flowers and it was one of the sweetest things ever. In Boston after outward bound, Madi and I bought flowers off the street to Ms. Gina for a thank you present. I don’t have a great Peru flower story though. There wasn’t too many flowers in Peru. Actually, for our host mom’s birthday in Peru, I tried to buy flowers but couldn’t find any. Instead I brought cookies. The cake she had for herself was covered in edible flowers. The flowers in South Africa are my life bough because there are so many succulents! Love. Picking out flowers. Photo by Eli elianafrench.comSo many to choose from but all I need is one stem to make my day. Photo by EliStop at the bottle shop for Savanah Drys for the Bryaai. Photo by EliFlower on our way homePhoto shoot with Eli and flower. Photo by EliPhoto by Eli

We walked home and stopped on the way at the Pick and Pay for s’mores materials because Dr Leedy was holding a Bryaai at night. We laid for a bit at home, moved to Ama and Elis to lay for a bit On our way back from the mall. So full and happy. Photo by Eli.

Ziqi joined us to get biltong at Jonnys Meatmarket which was right around the corner from our house. Our nice history professor from the previous week recommended it. We met Jonny himself and this nice cute guy George helped us out. We all ordered a lot of biltong for family and friends. Wiped them out. George was Afrikaner and was going to go farming in South Dakota next summer. I thought that was interesting. Johnny, George, and the gang. Photo by LeedyDerpy photo of me but look at all the biltong drying. Photo by Eli 

We ran into Dr Leedy getting coal and firewood. He had a friend with him from Zimbabwe who we did research with in the 90s and reconnected with through Facebook. It was starting to be blustery at this point so no bueno. We had a short time to pack before the Bryaai. It was pouring by the time the Bryaai had started. Everyone was gathered in the girls living room and Leedy and his friend had a small portable grill outside under the front of the house where Mihael Trey Nik Gio and Schiley normally play soccer tennis. We all chatted for a bit before Leedy called dinner. Leedy had grilled sausages and lamb. There were also collard greens, beans, and the grits thing. He made it all but the grits thing because he says it takes a lot of time and a lot of stirring. It was like the food we had with the University students but it was really good! There wasn’t room for us at the big table so a few straglers sat in the side room. It was a really cute time and I assumed the rest of the night would be like it. But alas. Before I could even pull out the smores, someone came up with a plan to go to anclas (the bar close to UP that we had gone to twice before). The smores were all eaten quickly and enjoyed and then they went to go get ready to go out. I didn’t understand it because Leedy had to watch the fire the whole night and this isn’t how it works I just don’t understand their logic at all. It was a rainy drizzly night. Just boggles my mind. Welp. 

The rest of the night Madi Schiley Ama Eli and Miranda talked deep talks about life. Some peeps were uncomfortable so I left for a bit but over all good night and def got to like Ziqi a lot. I can tell we would be friends! 

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