The Grand Finale

Instead of breakfast Madi and I packed more in the morning. According to the weight limits we just made it by checking one bag so no extra charge. I was worried that they would be a stickler about my carry on but things turned out find. It was the same airport Madi Nik Austin and I had spent all that time at the start of the trip. The security was very lax going through. We made it and Austin got his sneakers shined at a station. The terminal waiting area was so cold. Like a wind tunnel! It was a cold and rainy day in Joburg. A few of us went to a stand for coffee before we boarded. The line was long to get on so we waited to be the last to board. Everyone was super happy and in the zone. Very giggly. Everyone eventually got on the plane. Madi and I checked in online the night before and got to choose our seats so we both chose a window seat in the back of the plane. It was fairly empty so we both didn’t have anyone next to us. I moved around for a bit with Madi to talk. Madi and I on the plane

The plane started to rev up and Madi and I noticed a gas smell. Questionable. The attendant came on the loudspeaker and said one of the engines failed to start. The plane taxied back and a few people came to fix it. While we waited, they gave us free sandwhiches.Madi with her less than ideal sanwhich. 

On our short two hour ride from Joburg to Cape Town, I listened to a podcast and sat next to Madi for a portion. Views out the plane

When we started to desend, I switched to an empty window seat on the right side of the plane. When arriving in Cape Town the view of Table Mountain and Robben Island is on the right and the opposite on the way back. Every person was on cloud nine when we arrived in Cape Town.Flying with a view of Table Mountain

Leedy checked us into our hotels and the rooms were assigned by last name. I was with Ama and Megan. The Peninsula Hotel isn’t by the Waterfront but it is in a nice area and by Sunset beach and a bunch of food spots. The hotel lobby smelled like sweet vanilla and it was really swanky with juice and everything. All of our rooms had balconies. The girls had three rooms on the 6th floor and the guys had three rooms on the 7th.  Everyroom had a balcony facing the ocean. I was in love with this hotel. They said they had a sauna so we put it on our list to check it out. W

The group split up for dinner our. Half went to Greek food and the other half wandered a bit more. I love Greek food but Madi wasn’t a fan and I figured I would get my fill in Greece. It wasn’t sunset yet but it was overcast. Walking through the streets as a group felt safe . It was defiantly a beach town kind of drive. There was the main road we would all walk down with all of Yummy dinner with the gangAmazing sunset round 1Sunset BeachSunset with “Block on a Rock” in the backgroundDouble SunsetPlaying in the tide pools

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