Cape Point

Amazing views out of the bus windowWe beat the other bus groups and had the entire beach to ourselves. Photo by EliLombardi senior girls take on Cape of Good Hope. Photo by Eli.The views reminded me of the Pacific Coast highway and the “I Lava you” Disney short. Photo by EliOne of two lighthouses at Cape pointThe start of an amazing day for flower watchingCape Ponit: The most Southwest point in Africa. Probably the most South I will ever go in my lifePath up to the lighthouseView at the top of the lighthouse Path to second lighthouse. I felt like I was in Mama MiaViews on the edge of the second lighthouse. Photo by EliThe cliff peeps were taking a photos on. Photo by EliAma on the edge. Photo by EliPhoto shoot at the lighthouse. By Eli Trendy Photos by EliEli tried to teach me to smize but it is really hard to not smile. Photo by EliBolder BeachPeguins everywhere. The fuzzy ones are babies The beach where the penguins lived was so pretty! The water was crystal clearPenguins just napping We were so close to the penguins. Photo by EliLunch in a pretty marina. Photo by EliFish and chips by the marina. It didn’t even smellThe water was so clear even though there were lots of boats. We found a starfishBotanical gardens. Protea flowers of all types. This is a pincushion protea Tree Canopy walk bridge was amazing!The bridge was as pretty as the canopyAnother amazing sunset

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