Flying Not Home

I didn’t have time to pack my bags in the morning so I woke up at 6 so I could pack all my stuff to leave for London. It was very bittersweet packing. I am so excited for the rest of my travels but I don’t want to leave all of these peeps and South Africa. I stubbed my foot pretty hard in the morning trying to get to the light because my room is basically a closet and that early in the morning there is no light. I had to hobble off to church at 8.Church in the morning without music 

I went to the same mass I had gone to the week before. The old man priest with no music. I was the only person under thirty at church. It is a perfect time for me though and less than three blocks away.“I am the resurrection 👏 I am the life. He who believes in me will never die” I made my own music outside according to the sign.

I went back to hoteland brought down my stuff to the bus. One last Leedy bus ride

We said our goodbyes with everyone and it was pretty sad. I always get the end of trip feels. Que Carol King “You got a friend”. Nik Austin Ama Bailey and Mihael were staying two days after in Cape Town and Matt was staying in Africa till July. They came out and hugged us all goodbye before we left. 

Even though Madi andI were on a different flight from Joburg, everyone but Trey was on the same Cape Town to Joburg flight. Trey is meeting his family in Italy and has a lot of travel ahead of him. 

Leedy Madi Eli Gio and I had a coffee at Mug and Bean in the airport. It is crazy to see how far we have come. Leedy has really warmed up to us and I feel like he gets us. He said he was most surprise how engaged our group was and how many questions we asked. 

Eventually, we boarded our flight at 11 and I listed to a podcast and wrote yesterday’s blog which didn’t save so now I will have to rewrite it. Tears. We went through security before going on our international flight. The rest of the dwindling group was going through Atlanta but we were only a few gates away so we hung out for a bit before eating at a icky pizza place. 

Madi and I said goodbyes to everyone in our group but Leedy because idk where he was at this point. So we didn’t get to say thanks and bye to him.

On our long overnight to London (6-6AM) I watched Passengers and tried to sleep.

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