Longest walk

March 9,2017 Quiche in the morning Late start Museum de Orasay St chapels. Conseirge and the dungeon. Dinner at a cafe on the sstreet. Center Pompeii of modern art closed for strike so we went to the science history museum nearby . Walked along the trendy part of town with every restaurant bar piping. Walked … Continue reading Longest walk

Rain in the Grand Garden

March 8, 2017 Walk to Paris and Co bakery. Quiche Loraine. Train to Versailles. Long line to get in. Trees lining streets. Large hotel that we thought was Versailles. Audio devices up to. Ears extrsvant room after room obsessed with Greeks and Ronan. Hall or mirrors perfect for ball.          

Dome but not Rome

March 7, 2017 Local pastry shop by our hotel and explored a food market in our area Sacre Coeur Climbed all the way to the top of the dome Joined a tour of the area Cute shopping area Sunset cruise on the Siene River  Flower shaped gelato