Papa’s House

Friday Dec 15Papas house Sneem Denahee old man watching over papas house  Old Stag Circle Fort Saigue Stone Fort Ring of Kerry Kilarney Ladies View walk across Street Bunratty Castle and Christmas village Train and elves Dromoland castle Drinks Pub in Ennis Irish music and pubs drinks Fresh fries from outside Hotel Woodstock

Jameson Whiskey 

Thursday Dec 14 Breakfast croissants and supermarket at Kinsale. Cute town kind of trendy bakery  Ft Charles not open but we explored the outside. Boggy cute dogs Jameson Factory Tour Middleton San Marcos pizza wrap Erie music in streets Factory tour with cheeky lads pls plant Mary and Anna tried American scotch and Irish whiskey  PF … Continue reading Jameson Whiskey 

Meeting the Prince

Early breakfast and get work done Tower of London Guide beefeater Rain TJ spiral staircase Missing sam Borough market samples Good cheese weird meats tea almond cookie donuts curry rice cider gnocchi Prince Charles and Camilla Bus ride to airport No check in painful Plane ride Arrive in Cork and plan next day Cork International Hotel