Tower of London 

Tried to see charging of guards but closed Wandered city brunch in Westminster  Sneaking in boat to tower London  Break for coke Free tower ticketscamden town Best fish and chips Primrose hill sunset Desperate pee Abbey Road Kings Cross

Wine Spills

Turns out, I don't like wine but I do like cheese. Today was the (much anticipated by the group) wine tasting day. It was a later morning which was perfect for us because we had gone out the night before. After a Dream breakfast of lemon poppyseed muffin and pineapple, we boarded a nice charter … Continue reading Wine Spills

Cape Point

Amazing views out of the bus windowWe beat the other bus groups and had the entire beach to ourselves. Photo by EliLombardi senior girls take on Cape of Good Hope. Photo by Eli.The views reminded me of the Pacific Coast highway and the "I Lava you" Disney short. Photo by EliOne of two lighthouses at … Continue reading Cape Point